If you are experiencing difficulties in connecting to your broadband service, please read the following carefully:

If you connect using a USB device:

First, restart your computer
If this has not resolved the problem, re-install the modem drivers
If the problem is still not resolved, please note the status of the indicator lights on the modem and contact support.

If you connect using a router:

First, shut down the router for as long as possible (30 minutes is usually more than enough; 30 seconds often does the job) and then restart it. Some routers may require you to use the internet after a restart to connect whilst others will connect automatically.
If your connection is still not working, please contact Proweb support.

If you need to contact Technical Support after running through this brief checklist, we will gather information, diagnose the problem, and either correct the problem (if it's a problem within our network) or report it to BT (if it's a problem with the line).

If BT have to come out, how much will it cost me?

If the fault is a result of a BT line or exchange fault, you will not incur any charges. If the fault is a result of end-user error, you will be charged a callout fee to be determined by BT; this amount varies greatly, but it can be very expensive. This, as much as anything, is why it may seem as if Technical Support want you to jump through hoops before reporting a BT fault.